Training "Creation of a team. Five practices"

Cardinal change of a business environment demands new non-standard approaches in administrative technologies today. RSPP Business School integrates the best experience in area and modern practices of business and actively implement the received results in the educational programs.

Training  "Creation of a team. Five practices”  is focused on managers who want to make the team solid and to most effectively use its potential. It appeared that successful teams in business, policy and sport have one general secret. This secret is a certain set of actions undertaken by their leaders.

We called them "practices" and keeping up to them forms a solid base of a productive team.

This training is not about "what it is necessary to do", but mainly about "how to do what is to be done".

This training does not come from textbooks it derives from life. On this training you will personally make five steps on the way to team creation, you will study and you will undertake the actions which are required on the base of real cases.

Regular performance of "five practices" allows to form a team feeling and as a result :
1. To find a power source for oneself and for the team.
2. To instill confidence in their opportunities and their future.
3. To augment the capital of trust in the relations.
4. To provide definiteness and clearness in goals.
5. To create the atmosphere of the drive, of involvement and stream in actions.

Participants of the training will receive tools and learn "how to do that it is necessary to do".
Practice No. 1 — "Meanings". We learn to create the vision touching hearts.
Practice No. 2 — "People". We work  on the skill of making tasks the opportunities for development of the person.
Practice No. 3 — "Communications". We train to be psychologists and to reveal the hidden fears.
Practice No. 4 — "Purposes". We plan in a way to make it clear to everyone what, how and for what purpose is to be done.
Practice No. 5 — "Actions". We study presence, attention to details and gratitude.

During the training each participant can pass an assessment of own qualities as a leader of a team and to get individual advice on strengths and areas of potential development.

«Russia recovers it's pride with an emphatic victory. Russia has returned to the scene with a new image of reliability in this World Championships.»

El Mundo Deportivo about performance of Russian national team on handball at World Cup 2013  

«At our ship the colors were hoisted, there was discovered a purpose of everything,   hope and energy were found — we now have what to carry out to people. It is strong, clever, elegant!»

Reviews of training of members of team of "Vitamaks"

«I was convinced that all this works!»

Tatyana Zharkova, chairman of board of Volkswagen Bank Russia

Ниесов ИгорьAuthor: Igor Niyesov.Business coach and consultant of teams: "VTB 24", "Berlin Hemi/Menarini", "Komos Group", "MTS", the city hall of Kazan, "Sberbank of the Russian Federation", "STS of Media", "SU-155", "Ekonika", 3DreamTeam, Art de Vivre, Volkswagen FS, Russian national team on handball

Program duration: two days.
Venue: Moscow, Kotelnicheskaya Emb., 17.
Program cost: at payment before 2014 : 12500 RUR (including VAT), furtheron  – 24000 RUR (including VAT)

For two and more representatives of one organization a discount of 7 % is provided.
For RSPP members a discount of 10%  is added to other discounts.
The cost  includes coffee breaks, dinners, final reception, hand over materials.