Educational program of professional development «Management of the project in the sphere of social business»

Program purpose

Social business is in Russia at the initial stage of the development, nevertheless the implementation of projects in this sphere has already proved the prospective viability of this business . Taking into account the existence of the modern business technologies allowing it to systematize and to resolve economically effectively existing social problems, this educational program is developed for promoting social business as a way to achieve a qualitatively new approach in overcoming socially significant problems at the account of financially stable and innovative projects, and also by the study and implementation of such business technologies by as a large number of citizens with an active enterprise position as possible.

Target audience:

  • The acting social businessmen wishing to increase efficiency of the enterprise;
  • The social businessmen at the initial stages of this activity;
  • University graduates, interested in this direction;
  • The managers of the companies who are engaged in support of social business.

Beginning of training: upon a set of group.

Program volume: 72 hours.


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