Executive MBA program "New Administrative Strategy and GR-technologies"

Director of the program:

MURYCHEV Alexander Vasilyevich, Executive vice-president of RSPP, Chairman of the board of Association of regional banks, Ph. D.of economical sciences, professor.

Research supervisor of the program:

KALINSKY Oleg Igorevich, Director of a non-commercial organization "Fund of development of the pipe industry", Ph. D. of economical sciences, professor.

Coordinator of the program:

SHOKHINA Evgenia Aleksandrovna, President of RSPP Business School, editor-in-chief of the Business of Russia magazine, Ph. D in political science.


About the program:

The program is developed for the purpose of formation of the new strategic approach to development of the companies promoting timely and productive response to global challenges and changes of a business environment  with business owners and top managers. Taking into account that one of key features of a sustainable development of business activity in Russia is an effective interaction with authorities of various levels, the program helps to create complex idea of system of interaction of business and the power and promotes GR-management as a fundamental element of strategy of the company.

Target audience:

The owners of the companies, CEOs, top managers, heads of divisions who are engaged in interaction with public authorities.

Listeners of the program will master the solution of the following tasks:

- Expeditious carrying out the analysis of organizational development, identification of problematic fields of activities including those hidden in traditionally safe zones;
- Development of adequate tools of  increase of efficiency of business processes and achievement of new level of economic indicators of the company;
- Timely response to changes of environment;
- Use of complexity system for formation or updating of the strategic plan of the company;
- Increase of level of employees’ involvement  creation of a comfortable internal environment in the company responding to the workers’ expectations;
- Use modern practices of external corporate and international communications.

Program duration:

From October 15, 2014 – on June 26, 2015, 8 modules, 9 months, 300 academic hours.
Training format: modular, with a partial separation from work.

Contents of the program

Module 1. Modern GR-technologies
October 15-18, 2014

Historical retrospective of business activity in the Russian Federation. Regulating influence. Role of the business unions for lobbying of interests of business community. Interaction with federal authorities. GR in the large Russian and international corporations which are present at the Russian Federation. Branch features of GR. Legal aspects of interaction with authorities. Features of corruption system in the Russian Federation. GR through a prism of tariff regulation.


SHOHIN Alexander Nikolaevich, President of RSPP, Ph. D in economic science, professor
MURYCHEV Alexander Vasilyevich, Chairman of the board of Association of regional banks, Ph. D in economic science, professor
KALINSKY Oleg Igorevich, Director of a non-commercial organization "Fund of development of the pipe industry", Ph. D in economic science, professor
ANDRONOV Mikhail Sergeyevich, President of JSC Rusenergosbyt
GLUKHOVA Maria Nikolaevna, Managing director for economic policy and competitiveness of RSPP, Ph. D in economic science.
GRIGORYEV Sergey Aleksandrovich, Deputy General director and director of communications at JSC Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK)
GRIGORYEV Leonid Markovich, Head of the department of world economy of faculty of world economy and policy of Higher School of Economics; Chief adviser to the head of the Russian Government Analytical Centre; Chairman of the board of the World fund of the wild nature (WWF-Russia)
D'AGOSTINO Roberto, the Deputy General director and the director of external relations and interaction with authorities of the ENEL S.p.A company. (Ente Nazionale per l'Energia eLettrica)
BOARS Kirill Viktorovich, Chairman of National anti-corruption committee
STANKIEVICH Yury Arkadyevich, Vice-chairman of RSPP Committee on power policy
YAKOBASHVILI David Mikhaylovich, Chairman of the board of directors of Bioenergiya corporation

Module 2. Macroeconomic and strategic marketing
November 19-22, 2014

Organizational development. Theory of stages of life cycle of the organization. Business planning. Advance of new goods and services.

MITZKEWICZ Andrey Alekseevich, financial consultant, Ph. D in economic science, associate professor of Higher School of Finance and Management of RANEPA
Seminar: "Investment project: models of interaction of business and power"
RODIONOV Ivan Ivanovich, Ph. D in economic science, Chairman of the board of directors of JSC Rostelecom, Professor of Higher School of Economics, expert of ORES
Seminar: "Growth of cost of the company as the main objective of the company offered for investment"
YUDIN Vadim Viktorovich, International business consultant, teacher of leading Russian and foreign business schools of the MBA and EMBA programs
Seminars trainings: "Managerial economics: new aspects of stable development of the company", "Produce studies. Main trends of creation and development of  produce landscape of the company"
GINZBURG Vadim Vitalyevich, Director general of "AMS"

Seminars trainings: "Systems of making administrative and investment decisions", "Implementation of  standards of production assets management".

Module 3. Professional communications.
January 28-31, 2015

Public speaking techniques. Rhetoric. Protocol. Difficult negotiations. Mediation.

BORODIN Dmitry Yuryevich, the expert in the field of mass communications in business, the psychologist, hypnotherapist
VARVARIN Alexander Viktorovich, Managing director of RSPP for the corporate relations and legal support, director general of NP "Center of Development of the Corporate Relations and Economic Disputes Settlement"
KEVORKOVA Olga, expert of the Protocol of the Russian President
MALESHIN Vladimir Grigoryevich, Adviser to the chairman of the board of directors "Adamas"
NOTKIN Boris Isayevich, TV host, member of the Russian academy of television
YUDELSON Alexander Vladimirovich, Ph. D. in history,  associate professor of social communications and technologies of faculty of history, political science and right of the RGGU Historical and archival institute

Module 4.  The dialogue of business and state  in territorial subjects of the Russian Federation.
February 16-21, 2015

Departure to Perm region. Corporate visits on the enterprises (JSC LUKOIL-Perm, JSC Uralkali, JSC Sibur Khimprom, etc.). Meetings with the local authorities.

Module 5. Participation in the VIII Week of the Russian Business (WRB)
March, 2015

Module 6. The exit module to St. Petersburg (together with Institute of management of Finland).
April, 2015

Module 7. Leadership and human capital
May 21-23, 2015

Leader or manager? Team formation, 5practices. Headhunting. Complexity system. Decision-making theory. Internal  corporate culture. Reputation risks and corporate ethics.
NIESOV Igor Vladimirovich, the business coach and the consultant of teams of "VTB 24", "Berlin Hemi/Menarini", "Komos Groups", "MTS", the city hall of Kazan, "Sberbank of the Russian Federation", "STS of Media", "SU-155", "Ekonika", Art de Vivre, Volkswagen FS, Russian national team on handball
PETRYAKHINA Lyudmila, HR director of EFES
KONOVALOV Vyacheslav, director general of "Russia2U"
GUEST Marcus, Managing partner of Narrative Insights

Module 8. Innovative management: modern administrative technologies.
June 24-26, 2015

Dynamics of change of type of administrative activity in life cycle of the organization dependent on the industry specifics. The key audiences influencing business. Risk management.

CHERNOV Dmitry Vladimirovich, Ph. D in economic science, employee of Risk Center of ETH Zurich university. Held trainings in the companies Gazprom, Gazpromneft, Lukoil, LUKOIL-Neftekhim, Sakhalin Energy, multinational corporation, the Russian Railway, RAO UES, RusHydro, the Federal Grid Company (FGC), Renova, KES Holding (RKS, Gazeks), Russian aluminum, etc.
Seminars: "Industry specifics of management of the large Russian enterprises at different stages of life cycle of the organization or how to define the main administrative problems of any Russian company in five minutes", "Branch differences in management of communications in Russia or how to define the main communication problems of any Russian company in one minute". "Management in crisis situations in the course of operation of large technological objects. Administrative decisions and communications in crisis situations"
BAZHENOV Alexander Vladislavovich, director of Management of  Public Private Partnership of Vneshekonombank
VARICHEV Andrey Vladimirovich, Director general of HK "Metalloinvest"
ZELENIN Dmitry Vadimovich, President of Association of managers of Russia
NAZAROV Denis Sergeyevich, Executive director of Group of the infrastructure projects Trefin Advisory

June 26, 2015 – defence of the  projects.

Within one day listeners should develop the project of strategy of development of one of the Russian enterprises. The  members of RSPP Bureau are present at the defence.

Venue: RSPP, Moscow, Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, 17, auditorium 217, Kotelnichesky hall.
Receipt conditions: the higher education, existence of administrative experience not less than five years, interviewing.
Training cost: 615 000 rubles, including the VAT (93 813,56 RUR ), taking into account the cost of exit modules.

Payment system:

Single payment – 100%.
Payment in tranches  — 50% prior to training, 50% prior to the third module of the program


For payments before September 01, 2014 — a discount of 5%.
Presence of an MBA diploma — a discount of 7%.
For two and more listeners from one organization — a discount of 7% for everyone.
If the total amount is paid before the beginning of the program — a discount of 5%.



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