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RSPP Business School certificates signed by the President of RSPP Business School - Evgenia Shokhina

From August 19 to August 22, 2014 in Tula, in SK Royal Hotel Tula hotel the first educational session for children of 12-14 years RSPP Business School for the Young took place. The event was held with personal support of the governor of Tula region Vladimir Gruzdev and the Government of Tula region.The program of business session is developed so that children can easily acquire the material, gain knowledge from practicing business coaches and authorities of Tula region. The received skills and knowledge are reinforced in the course of business games, and in completion of the session, under the sensitive guidance of mentors in the person of experts- investors, the children will defend their own projects in teams before the commission of experts. The first commission of experts included: Vladimir Gruzdev, Governor of Tula region; Sergey Kazakov, the chairman of regional office of RSPP in Tula region; Oleg Kalinsky, director of Fund of development of the pipe industry; Evgenia Shokhina, member of Civic chamber of the Moscow region, president of RSPP Business school.


Children of 12-14 years.
The enrolment was carried out on a competitive basis. On July 28 via the broadcast on regional television of Tula region and in news the start was given to the competition of compositions on the theme "Why I love the region where I live". The press release on the start of competition was also published on the site of the Ministry of Tula region and dispatched in schools. It was initially planned to create a group of 15 people, but the commission of experts stopped the choice on authors of 22 compositions.

In spite of the fact that the age of participants varies in the range from 12 till 14 years, the jury couldn't resist 11-year-old Alyokhin Anton's composition and he too was chosen to train together with all children at the RSPP Business School of the Young.

We publish a list of the winners and their works


Vladimir Vladimirovich,

General director of JSC Exhibition Hall Elektrifikation

kalininskiyKalinsky Oleg Igorevich,
Head of Non-commercial organization "Fund of development of the pipe industry", Ph. D. of economic science , research supervisor of the program EMBA "New Administrative Strategy and GR-technologies" of RSPP Business School

Sergey Sergeyevich,

Managing director of Management of the information and RSPP communication technologies, graduate of the EMBA program of RSPP Business School

Tikhonov Tikhonov Dmitry Nikolaevich,
Research supervisor of the Individual Business Education project of RSPP EMBA Business School of RSPP Business School, teacher of NRU HSE, RANEPA, Moscow State University Business school, Ph. D. in economic sciences

Pavel VolodinPavel Volodin,
General director of JSC Billion

Vladimir YudinVladimir Yudin,
Minister of Finance of Tula region

Alexey Vladimirovich ,

Managing director of IK "Industrial Investment Decisions", graduate of the EMBA program of RSPP Business School

Victor Viktorovich,

historian-economist, Ph. D in history, expert of RSPP Business school

Spiridonov AndreySpiridonov Andrey,
Minister of Tula Region

Andrey MitskevichAndrey Mitskevich,
Ph. D. in economic sciences, the associate professor of the Higher school of finance and management of the Russian academy of national economy and public service at the Russian President (RANEPA) and NRU HSE

Roberto D'AgostinoRoberto D'Agostino,
Deputy Gerenal director, Director of external relations and interactions with state authorities of ENEL S.p.A company (Ente Nazionale per l'Energia eLettrica)

Grigory LavrukhinGrigory Lavrukhin,
Minister of Economic Development of Tula Region

Expert commission

Vladimir Gruzdev- the Governor of Tula region

Grigory Lavrukhin - the Minister of Economic Development of Tula region

Vladimir Yudin - the Minister of Finance of Tula region

Evgenia Shokhina – the Member of Civic chamber of the Moscow region, the President of RSPP Business School

Oleg Kalinsky - the Director of fund of development of the pipe industry

Sergey Kazakov - the Head of regional office of RSPP of Tula region

Roberto D'Agostino - the Deputy General director , the director of external relations and interaction with state authorities of ENEL S.p.A company (Ente Nazionale per l'Energia eLettrica)



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