Aydar Khabirov Aydar Khabirov, General Director, “MAGMA” LLC:

Most of all I enjoyed our business trips to the manufacturing sites, innovative in particular (an example, production of fuel granules from wood waste in the Tver region), and also workshop session with skilled experts- professionals in the areas of their activities.

I hereby express huge gratitude for the given opportunity to acquire an irreplaceable experience to the curators of courses, to the Higher School of Economics and RSPP.

Zatynaiko Vladimir Zatynaiko, General Director of JSC “Exhibition Pavilion „Electrification“:

At this stage of my life I learned to consider all processes from a position of unambiguous advantage for me therefore I consider this training to be of great use for me! The business coaches made each of my training days with their novel approach and professionalism! There was no domination of teachers understanding absolutely all.

I received the biggest advantage out of the Moscow meetings at the companies and from our business trips to the enterprises. I enjoyed the Italian module very much! Not because of gastronomic features and attracting gloss of boutiques of the best world brands but due to the quality of information it was saturated with and to the well-formed training.

Sergey Grigoryants Sergey Grigoryants, “Ab Inito Media” LLC:

All coaches taking workshop sessions and trainings with our group have long-term experience of practical work in various business structures. In accordance you can only imagine their experience, understanding of the subject and of the information being transferred to us. The quality of the program training was up to the task!

I liked each of the modules, still I want to highlight the business trip to the Tver region and related visits of a number of industrial and manufacturing enterprises. I received a lot of useful and interesting information during that trip. I would also like to mention that I made acquaintances and friends with very interesting people – participants of my group. A special thanks to our supervisor of studies, Eugenia Shokhina, she did a very good job, not everyone is capable to set up such an effective project.

Artem Vilkin Artem Vilkin, General Director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “DSO” FMBA

I seemed to like and remember everything, each small point and every seemingly minutia. In the course of our training we met many interesting coaches with huge practical business experience making their recommendations easy to applied in daily living. The on-site modules to the Tver region and Italy were well organized, the program is developed to the highest standard.

Interesting meetings with the representatives of government agencies and business were held. Direct dialogue between the business and the state authorities is of great significance with regard to business development. During one of the workshop sessions of the final module devoted to the social capital we were told by our coach that our group is a system forming an integral which is part of other bigger system, and efficiency of any system is defined not by its separate elements but by the quality of interaction of these elements. And I realized the most important thing that the training gave me – the opportunity to interact with new people and to turn this interaction into concrete completed projects in the near and perspective future. I thank all our coaches and program owners, our supervisor of studies Eugenia Shokhina, in particular.

Pavel Vishnevsky Pavel Vishnevsky, head of the center of forest management, forest design and planning, Federal State Unitary Enterprise Roslesinforg branch "Moslesproyekt":

Having listened to the first lecture, for the first time in life I had the feeling similar to a certain hopelessness. How to overcome all this! How to force yourself to think in some other way, not to follow a certain template!

After more than 25-year term of work in forestry these were my first rather serious courses. I felt dickey. The terms, the manner of teaching, the communication format — all these were new to me. But within the course of training this feeling began to disappear. With the help of the teachers, fellow students I completely adopted to the atmosphere of mutual understanding and mutual aid. Somehow in its own development the communication adjusted, and from the module to the module my thirst for development of something new became stronger and stronger! To tell that I learned a lot of things — it to tell nothing! Actually you shouldn't be afraid of anything. When you learn and have a desire for it, everything will turn out. The main things are persistence and patience! And still, when you are surrounded by the people understanding, knowing the business, all barriers will inevitably be swept away! I want to express huge appreciation and gratitude to our head — E. A. Shokhina and her team! Thanks to their work and care those modules which we had, passed saturated, interestingly, on one breath! Many thanks to them all!

Nikolay NetbalskiyNikolay Netbalskiy, Director of the FGUP “Roslesinforg” branch “Moslesproekt”:

I was astonished with the fact that the program turned out to be very substantial and saturated despite the short terms set for training. The extremely successful idea of combining theoretical lectures with practical sessions allowed to feel completeness of gained knowledge.

Difficult discussions, disputes till the morning, team-work over the cases helped to leave a one-sided view of current business processes. Especially the good arrangement of on-site sessions should be noted where despite the high density of the schedule we managed to receive a skillful combination of educational processes with informative ones, keeping convenience and comfort for the participants of the program. Despite the feeling of full satisfaction and completeness of a course, I with big pleasure again will plunge into the tremendous atmosphere of communication with experts and fellow students even if it won't be connected with my professional activities. With big feeling of gratitude I hereby thank all organizers of the program.

Andrey KoshelevAndrey Koshelev,
GR counsel of EN+development company:

As of the date everything occurs in a space mode! Countdown: three, two, one, go! Intense training, professional speakers, your motto “Practical training for practical men” is followed in every step of the program. 
Real assessment of GR-technologies not under a textbook but "straight from the horse’s mouth".

Julia RakovaJulia Rakova,
General Director, “Serial entreneurship agency” LLC:

The selection of coaches and experts is simply magnificent! At this stage I can tell that the most interesting moment for me is the alignment of forces, namely, understanding of what the GR is, what place GR takes in the career guidance sphere – who is who in the power structures and how to approach them and what GR goes in a complex with – the activity synergy in this sphere.

gelman Mikhail Gelman,
General Director “SK “US-620” LLC:

I will use the knowledge gained in practice. I understand that it made possible to understand some peculiarities of work of many departments in my company. For me the factor of novelty of information is important, and I can tell that I did not come here not for nothing.

The knowledge given here is an excellent food for thought.

Кирилл Кабанов Kirill Kabanov,
Chairman of National anti-corruption committee:

I consider actions of this sort correct and useful.
Friendly and professional organization of process.

Vladimir Potyomkin Vladimir Potyomkin, head of the government of the Kaluga region, deputy governor:

Taking an opportunity, allow me to express the respect and gratitude for invitations to take part in a number of the actions organized by RSPP Business School (reception in honor of the first anniversary of Business school, Business Luncheon). With confidence I can call Business Luncheon an interesting and constructive action.

It is a fine platform for discussion of the most actual and hot topics. The format of a business luncheon gives to participants a good opportunity not only to share the experience, but also to get acquainted with the practice of the colleagues. In a free floating discussion it is possible to designate new prospects of development and to find solutions to problems which came out. I want to note also the warm and friendly atmosphere within the course of events of Business School leaving the most positive impression. From me personally I would like to send my words of gratitude to all your employees for the good organization of the held events.

Pavel Shinsky Pavel Shinsky, General director of the French-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

I sincerely thank RSPP Business School for an excellent work which I was evidencing within all events. It always arises hot topics, invites interesting speakers and a "listening and hearing" audience, comprises the accurate organization, excellent atmosphere and a positive spirit!

In France such business schools exist for more than two centuries, and two of them — HEC and ESSEC – for some years lead the business education rating in Europe. These educational institutions in France work as the integrated structures of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, while in Russia at the head of this mission there was the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. You carry out a priority task for Russia, and I want to wish future success to Business school and its graduates.