RSPP Business School was founded in May 2013 with intent to fulfil the target of providing up to date education. Fundamental change of the business environment today requires new unconventional approach to the managerial policies. RSPP Business School integrates the best experience in the area of current  business practical activities and extensively introduces it in the content of its educational programs.

“Practical training for practical men” is the motto of the RSPP Business School and stands for an outstanding amount of workshop sessions and trainings held by the leading experts and industry leaders’ spokesmen, business trips to the facilities in Russia and abroad, dedication to specific business targets in the course of training.

Benefits of RSPP Business School:

  • High practicability and intensity of the programs;
  • Specified aim to develop the entrepreneurship in Russia;
  • Assistance in resolving particular business goals in the course of training and recognition of problem areas in individual career advancement and in the development strategy of the company;
  • Great quantity of business trips on sites and facilities of Russian and foreign enterprises;
  • Regular meeting with business leaders – members of the Bureau and Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, workshop sessions held by the leading industry experts;
  • Participation in different events held by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs;
  • Possibility to participate in selected specific modules and training sessions and to get certified in Executive МВА if the necessary quantity of hours is accrued;
  • Great quantity  of special events for the RSPP Business School graduates.


  •  Corporate discount for 2 participants of educational programs  and trainings from one organization   - 10%; for 3 and more participants from one organization   – 15%
  • Special discount of  10%  for the companies – members of RSPP in addition to their common discounts.
  • Welcome discount of 25% for the first order of a corporate training or workshop session
  • 15% discount for the trainings and Business Luncheons paid per the Business School web-site



Shohina circle Eugenia Shokhina
President of RSPP Business School , Ph. D in political science, MBA, EMBA
Phone : +7 (495) 663-04-04
моб. +7 (985) 222-01-46
Alla Sheilo
Vice-president of RSPP Business School
Phone : +7 (495) 663-04-04, ext. 1219
Mobile : +7 (926) 116-44-46
KochetkovaOS circle
Director of external relations of RSPP Business School
Phone : +7 (495) 663-04-04, ext. 1216
Mobile : . +7 (985) 222-01-46
NiesovaK circle
Christina Niesova
Coordinator of RSPP Business School
Phone : +7 495 663-04-04, ext. 1214


RSPP Business School is the organizational unit of the Center of regional development and business technologies of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.
Operation of the Business School is regulated by the Russian law and in held in compliance with the permitting documents:

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